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Aims and Scope

Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering (CROJFE) is a refereed journal distributed internationally, publishing original research articles concerning forest engineering, both theoretical and empirical. The journal covers all aspects of forest engineering research, ranging from basic to applied subjects. In addition to research articles, preliminary research notes and subject reviews are published.

Forestry Faculty of Zagreb University
Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Technology Engineers
"Croatian forests" Ltd. Zagreb


Publishing of this journal is co-financed by funds from Croatian Ministy of Science, Education and Sport and by funds for non-market forest values from Croatian Ministy of Agriculture. Views or opinions in the journal are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Ministry of Agriculture

Publishing Council:
Vladimir Jambreković, Mario Božić, Tibor Pentek, Tomislav Poršinsky (all from Croatia)

Circulation: cca 600 

All published papers have been internationally reviewed.
Two issues of journal are published annually.
Journal volumes from 1 to 25 were published under the title "Mehanizacija šumarstva".