Evaluation of a New Energy Recycling Hydraulic Lift Cylinder for Forwarders

Jussi Manner, Ola Lindroos, Hans Arvidsson, Thomas Nordfjell

Effects of Forwarder Operation on Soil Physical Characteristics: a Case Study in the Italian Alps

Martina Cambi, Stefano Grigolato, Francesco Neri, Rodolfo Picchio, Enrico Marchi

Analysis of Accuracy of Evaluating the Structure of a Harvester Operator’s Workday by Work Sampling

Grzegorz Szewczyk, Janusz Michal Sowa, Jiri Dvořák, Krzysztof Kamiński, Dariusz Kulak, Arkadiusz Stańczykiewicz

Designing Mobile Anchors to Yield: A Tension Relief System for Tail Anchoring

Ben Leshchinsky, John Sessions, Jeffrey Wimer, Milo Clauson

The Impact of Log Moisture Content on Chip Size Distribution When Processing Eucalyptus Pulpwood

Jaco-Pierre van der Merwe, Pierre A. Ackerman, Reino Pulkki, Dirk Längin

A Methodological Approach Exploiting Modern Techniques for Forest Road Network Planning

Andrea Laschi, Francesco Neri, Niccolò Brachetti Montorselli, Enrico Marchi

Effect of Pruning on Diameter Growth in Pinus brutia Ten. Plantations in Turkey

Nesat Erkan, Erdogan Uzun, Ali Cem Aydin, Mustafa Necati Bas

Best Practices of Biomass Energy Life Cycle Assessment and Possible Applications in Serbia

Milica Perić, Mirko Komatina, Branko Bugarski, Dragi Antonijević


Special Issue - FORMEC 2017